The vast majority of the CGI budget is labor.

Peter Jackson

what it’s worth


Color Correction 4K/UHD-HDR (Dolby Vision)per day€ 1400,00
HDR to SDR trim passper day€ 850,00
Color Correction 4K/UHD-SDRper day€ 1100,00
Color Correction 2K/HD-SDRper day€ 950,00
Filmrestoration (Dust-, Scratches-, Flicker-Removal, Stabilizing)per man hour€ 125,00
Compositing, Tracking, Object Removal, Rotoscopingper man hour€ 125,00
Project Transfer FCP oder AVID Projekt, gradinfixed rate€ 150,00
Editing / Conformingper man hour€ 100,00


Picture Enhancement / Retouching / Rostrumper man hour€ 100,00
Still creation / Enhancementper man hour€ 100,00
Titles, Lower-thirds, Creditsper man hour€ 100,00
Subtitle layout, generation, testingper subtitle€ 125,00
Timecode in Picture / Burnt-In-TimeCodeper film minute€ 0,25


Sound Design & Premixper shift€ 450,00
Voice recording incl. Recording Engineerper hour€ 150,00
Mixing incl. Mix Engineerper shift€ 950,00
Framerate Change, Resampling, Pitching, Hum Removal, De-Clickingper man hour€ 100,00

Edit Suite

Online Editing Suite (FCP, AVID)per week€ 750,00
Online Editing Suite (FCP, AVID) incl Operatorper week€ 2.500,00
Mobile Editing Suiteper week€ 1.500,00
Lunch (zw. 13 und 15 Uhr, freshly cooked)per meal€ 6,00


HDcamSR Digitizeper minute€ 6,50
HDcam Digitizeper minute€ 4,00
Digibeta Digitizeper minute€ 2,00
XDcamHD Digitizeper minute€ 3,00
Import P2/CF/SxS Dataper minute€ 3,00
Vintage Analog Formatscall
Film scanning 16 mm / 35 mmcall


Premaster creation (ProRes HQ or DNxHD)per minute€ 0,75
Premaster creation(H264 oder MPEG)per minute€ 1,25
Premaster creation DVDfixed rate€ 75,00
Digital Dailies / Rough-Cut via zeigtfilme!per film€ 35,00
Rescue corrupted Project ( AVID, FCP, PREMIERE )per man hour€ 65,00

On Set Live Services

Mobile Operations Center (incl. Operator)per shooting day€ 650,00
Programme (PGM) Recordingper shooting day€ 650,00
On-Set Graphics, Superimpose, Keying, Previzper shooting day€ 450,00
Logging & Conforming Camera data per minute€ 7,50
Live Color Gradingper shooting day€ 175,00
Live Denoisingper shooting day€ 175,00
Live Legalizingper shooting day€ 75,00
Editingper shooting day€ 650,00
Satellite Uplink (Datastream up to 10 mBit)per shooting day€ 1.250,00
Setup Fallback Connection, Live streamingcall~


Broadcast Legalizer SDdaily rate€ 75,00
Waveform Monitor HDdaily rate€ 175,00
Waveform Monitor SDdaily rate€ 75,00
Blackmagic Terranexdaily rate€ 125,00
Blackmagic Television Studiodaily rate€ 150,00
SAMURAI Festplattenrecorderdaily rate€ 120,00
Hyperdeck Festplattenrecorderdaily rate€ 100,00
Wave Color Correction Boarddaily rate€ 75,00
EX-1 HD Cameradaily rate€ 105,00
PD-150 SD Cameradaily rate€ 35,00
Sennheiser 416 Soundmicdaily rate€ 25,00
iMacdaily rate€ 125,00
MacMinidaily rate€ 75,00
Class One Monitor SD 20’’, 14 ‘’daily rate€ 175,00
Edit-Monitordaily rate€ 50,00
Festplattenspeicherper Day and TB€ 15,00


H264 upload (reference)per online lin€ 45,00
HD upload feature to TVper online link€ 1,00
webspace (Muster etc..)per email link€ 35,00


DCP Set-upfixed rate€ 85,00
DCP Master per min (min. 30)€ 10,00
DCP Master (encrypted)per min (min. 30)€ 11,00
per extra audio or subtitle trackper min€ 1,00
DCP Repackagingper min€ 4,50
Cinema-Projektion DCP mit 5.1 Ton2 h Cinema € 350,00


Film recording 35 mm (original print)per film meter€ 2,75
Film recording 35 mm (answer print)per film meter€ 2,00


Picture sequence creation (DPX, TIF, OPEN EXR)per minute€ 5,50
Master file creation 4K/UHD (ProRes, DNxHD, MPEG, XDcam)per minute€ 3,50
Master file creation 2K/HD (ProRes, DNxHD, MPEG, XDcam)per minute€ 2,50
Web Master creation H264 (9 /5 /1 mBit)per minute€ 1,25
Copy Master File to backup diskper Gigabyte€ 0,25

DVD & BluRay

BluRay Master creation (no menu, play loop, paper sleeve)per disk image€ 175,00
DVD Master creation (no menu, play loop, paper sleeve)per disk image€ 125,00
DVD Authoring (Language or Subtitles, Menus)per man hour€ 85,00


Downconversion UHD->HDper minute3 €
File conversion (UHD / HD / SD)per minute€5,50 / 4 € / 2,50 €
Frame Rate Conversion (NTSC to PAL, 30 to 25, 25 to 24 etc)per minute€ 7,00


BluRay Disk (incl. disc burning, paper sleeve)per disc€ 8,00
DVD Disk (incl. disc burning, paper sleeve)per disc€ 4,50
USB-Stickper GB (day price)€ 1,50
SSD (Solid State Disk)per GB (day price)€ 1,25
Hard disk (mit Gehäuse)per GB (day price)€ 0,15
Hard disk (nur SATA Disk)per GB (day price)€ 0,09
LTO6 Cartridge (2.5 TB / 6 TB)per Cartridge€ 125,00


Internet-/ Telephone Supportper hour (1/4 h units)€ 65,00
Diagnosis Editing Suite/Projectper hour€ 65,00
Datawranglingper GB€ 0,10


Digital Production Supervisionof film budget0,30%
Research and purchase (for example editing-suite)surcharge on cost10%
Installation / Maintenanceper hour€ 65,00

Data Rescue

Initial Check (pro Datenträger)per disk€ 150,00
Recovery deleted or corrupted dataper GB€ 1,25
Media Repair (Recovery Forensik)per GB€ 12,50
Creation of backupper GB€ 0,25
LTO Creation / Backupper GB€ 0,50